Race Categories

Speed 1

Speed 1 class is for racers with specialized speed skiing equipment. The racer would be equipped with any of the following:

  • 240cm Speed Skis

  • Rubber Speed Skiing Suit

  • Speed Skiing Helmet (40cm + 48cm hoop rules applies)

  • Speed Skiing Leg Fairing (30cm from front of boot to back of fairing)

  • Mandatory back protection (hard shell only)

    All S1 racers must have raced at least one season of FIS World Cup SDH category before they are able to compete in the Speed 1 Category!

Speed DH

Downhill class is for racers who may or may not have speed skied before but have access to Downhill ski racing equipment. A downhill class ski can be no longer than 225cm and all suits must be of a downhill racing variety (no rubber suits allowed).

All SDH suits must be to FIS regulation (plombed).

DH Helmet’s are mandatory (no motorcycle helmets allowed). All Downhill helmets must be FIS certified and display the FIS decal.

It is recommended that all racers have a least 215cm skis.

Hard shell back protection is mandatory.

All racers that are not wearing racing suits will race in the downhill category.

Should you have any questions regarding equipment or race categories please contact: info@velocitychallenge.com

If you require rental equipment please contact McSporties Ski Shop in Sun Peaks. Limited amount of DH Speed Ski gear is available. Also McSporties is pleased to offer a 15% discount for racers looking to purchase a new DH Helmet that conforms to the FIS guidelines.

McSporties Sun Peaks:

250-578-6930  or   www.mcsporties.com